Campaign to Fund Student Scholarships Year 3: Community Midwives & Doulas

Fundraiser through July 1, 2024


Goal: $30,000

(Total raised towards goal updated nightly)

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Welcome to Compassionate Response

We are an all-volunteer led 501(c)(3) non-profit in its third decade of work.

Our mission is to provide humanitarian assistance with health, education, and housing.

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Current Project

In advocating for birth justice,
Compassionate Response is committed to:

  • Reducing disparities in maternal health outcomes
  • Improving experiences of birthing people from communities disproportionately affected by the maternal health crisis
  • Providing birth education and increasing access to doulas and midwives, among other strategies

Currently, there is a need for more BIPOC midwives and doulas who are willing to serve the communities they represent, take on the challenges the birthing people they work with face, and advocate for client wants and needs in terms of regulation of and integration into the health care system.

Compassionate Response is partnering with Midwest Maternal Child Institute in raising money for scholarships for Certified Professional Midwifery Education (CPM) and Perinatal Educators/Doulas.

to support Community Midwives and Doulas

Past Projects

medical supplies

Material and Equipment Support

Clean water projects, obtaining and shipping medicine and supplies, X-ray and Ultrasound equipment.

grand valley state law


Partnered with Grand Valley State College Law School for the "Making Knowledge Free" campaign.


Educational Support

Support of Nursing and Medical students in Malawi, Africa, and Haiti

mobile phone

A Midwife’s Companion

Google chose Compassionate Response to trial phone apps by supporting midwifery care information downloads globally. A Midwife’s Companion, based on the World Health Organization (WHO) maternal and delivery care material, has been downloaded to midwives in the field on all continents except Antarctica

solar panels

Solar Infrastructure

Designed, developed, and installed solar panels in two hospitals in Africa, working with college engineering students, to power Operating Room equipment during frequent power outages.

world health

Global Humanitarian Efforts

Partnered with Universities in NY and Leogane, Haiti; Partners in Health; Clean Stove Project through University of Illinois; Grand Valley State College and Embangweni Hospital; Group Health Cooperative and multiple other agencies to achieve mutual goals in giving and shipping aid.